Irrigation Systems by Garden Landscapes Fourways

New installations and repairs to existing systems.

Lawn irrigation Popups

Garden Landscapes Fourways design and install garden irrigation systems of the highest quality. We also do maintenance and replacement of parts on existing installations, using parts from Hunter, Weathermatic, Rainbird and Nelson all well known brands.

When planning a new irrigation installation we keep the number of seperate elements and joins to a minimum to reduce the need for future maintenance while still providing effective watering of your garden. This is done by employing landscape garden design software to ensure a high degree of precision and accuracy. The plans we generate are followed closely by our installation teams.


Sprinklers and Contollers

We install most popular brands Hunter, Weathermatic and Nelson irrigation systems.

We specialise in both fully automated and manually operated irrigation systems. We install quality brands such as Hunter, Weathermatic and Nelson for all our irrigation installations and repairs. This ensures that we meet the expected standards and compromise on nothing when it comes to quality and performance.

Only piping from approved manufactures with a guaranteed pressure rating is used. During installation we bury the piping for irrigation systems approximately 400mm deep, keeping it away from the surface where it might be accidentally punctured by the normal, routine use of sharp garden implements.

Impact Sprinklers for maximum spread
Popup Rotary Lawn Sprayers
Hunter Controller
Weathermatic Controller