Our garden maintenance service has been in operation for over 15 years and our capable staff will perform the following routine tasks:
  • Mowing of lawn and trimming of edges
  • Weeding and turning of flower beds
  • Raking and sweeping of necessary areas
  • Removal of all refuse related to the above services
We can also perform the following services: Please contact us before you need these as there may be *additional costs to consider.
  • Tree Felling, trimming and cutting of hedges & shrubs
  • Planting of plants
  • Fertilizing, composting and lawn dressing
  • Pruning of roses and fruit trees
  • Scarifying of lawns
* Where additional plants and materials are needed or large loads of garden refuse must be removed we will prepare a separate quote. Due to the cost of transport and/or the specially skilled labour employed we don’t include these services in our routine maintenance plans.